March 6, 2020

Summer Camps

AACT Academy July Summer Intensive Online Camp

Connecting, Creating, and HAVING FUN!!

“Telling YOUR Story – Pandemic Experiences of 2020”

July 6 – 17

Theater is a place to laugh, cry, entertain, teach, express emotion, and tell stories that connect us. At a very early age, really as soon as we begin to talk, we desire to share our experiences and feelings with others. It seems natural to take this unique time to offer, even for young actors an opportunity to learn the basics of Playwriting, in conjunction with honing their acting skills. They will have the skills to record AND express their story. We look forward to seeing you ONLINE!!  

Registration and payment are now entirely online!

Do you have cousins or friends that live in another state? Well, now they can participate with you!

Class sizes are set at 20 per age group. However, if there is enough interest, we will open more sections.

For more information or to answer any questions please contact Melanie Brown at

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Age Groups:

ACT I – Ages 6 – 11: 10:00 – 11:00 (This is a blended class for siblings that want to attend together)

ACT II – 9 – 11: 1:00 – 2:00

ACT III – 12 – 18: 11:00 – 12:00

For more information or to answer any questions please contact Melanie Brown at

Tuition: $75 – Sibling Discounts, Scholarships, and “Pay What You Can” options are available

Sibling Discounts-

You pay full tuition for the first sibling then $10 off tuition for each additional one. Email Melanie at  with the number of siblings that will be attending to receive your discount code.

Scholarships & Pay What You Can –

Download and fill out the Scholarship form. Save it with the actor’s name as the title.

Email it to Melanie at and we will email you the discount code.

These steps only get you the discount code. You will still need to complete the registration process

Scholarship Form

Personal Monologue/StoryIn a “Master Class” taught by Amber Hanel on the first day of camp you will learn basic playwriting concepts and tips to help you get started on writing/creating YOUR monologue. You will do your writing/creating outside of class time. We will be available to give you help in and outside of class time if needed. Whether you write like Shakespeare or will have to draw pictures to tell your story, we can’t wait to hear and see what you have to share!

Final Video Project -This will be a compilation of our actor written monologues. The actors will get to act as their own “Production Team” learning about staging, framing, lighting, sound, set dressing, costume, makeup, and hair design and with the help of parents as needed. All videos will be due by July 23rd.

Daily Zoom Meeting – During this time we will: Creatively Create Community! Elements of Scene Works, Voice and Movement, and Improv will be taught each regular class day. “Master Classes” will be held where the actors will explore and expand their theater skills. There will be times we will use Zoom Breakout Rooms for the actors to help each other practice and prepare then come back and present what they are learning. 

One on One – Individual video staging, sound, and lighting design session. The purpose of this session is to determine the best location, lighting, and sound options to film each actor’s portion of the final project.

Private Actor Coaching Session – In addition to the daily camp time, each actor will receive one 20-30 minute session time for individual help with their monologue.

Additional Events:

Thursday Family Nights @ 7:00  – We will meet virtually

Comedy Club/Improv Night – The whole family will be invited to share their favorite jokes and play some Improv games. Can Improv work online? (At least we think it will, we are just making it up as we go…)

Camp Skit Night – Who better than “Theater Families” to really HAM UP the CHEESY camp skits that so many of us are having to miss this year. You can choose to perform your skit “live” or prerecord it for our viewing pleasure! We encourage the whole family to get involved. We can’t wait to relish and “eat up” your performances.

Weekly Watch & Discussion Night – Each week we will choose a play or musical that the whole family can watch. We will ensure it is easily accessible on various streaming services.

You will receive some historical background about the play and some “Things to Think About” while watching. On Wednesday, July 3rd at 7:00 we will meet online to discuss our thoughts.